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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation or SEO, is the term used to describe the process of increasing a websites natural or organic position in the major search engines. SEO does not cover the paid for results or adverts you see when searching, we are talking strictly about unpaid results.

An SEO campaign, if carried out properly, consists of many processes that come together to create an overall improvement in a websites rankings. There is no quick fix solution and no one size fits all approach. Every SEO campaign should be bespoke to the website, the business and the industry in question. Of course there are similarities in all SEO projects but these need to be refined and tailored to fit the companies objectives.

You may be reading this as someone who has tried SEO before and had their fingers burnt. You may have dabbled in PPC and spent lots of money on traffic that didn’t convert to sales. If either is true then you’re not alone and that is exactly the reason Launchpad SEO was created.

SEO Nottingham

SEO Nottingham

Launchpad SEO is a new breed of agency based in Nottingham and created by people who have business experience outside of internet marketing. Return on investment is key to us and our aim is to be one of the most cost effective marketing activities a business can engage in. We believe every pound you spend on SEO should give you results and not just a monthly report that tells you very little.

We are a jargon free zone and won’t try and baffle you with complicated terms. We’ll work with your business learning your strengths and objectives and explain the work we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We’ll provide a monthly report and phone catch up to discuss your campaign and we offer flat monthly fees with no long term obligation or tie in.

Our customer base is diverse and covers many different industries. We run successful national and local campaigns on both SEO and PPC.

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